Hatching Results trains and consults with schools, districts, and counties across the country as they design and improve their school counseling programs to best support student outcomes. Through measuring and sharing process (what services are performed for whom), perception (attitudes, knowledge, and skills), and outcome (achievement-related and achievement) data, to show how students are different as a result of a comprehensive school counseling program. Below is a sampling of results from districts supported by Hatching Results.

Awards & Honors

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Congrats to Felipe Zañartu and Avaxat Elementary on Achieving the Prestigious RAMP School of Distinction Recognition!—Join us in congratulating Felipe Zañartu, Hatching Results Professional Development Specialist and School Counselor at Avaxat Elementary School in Murrieta, California! Avaxat Elementary is not only the first elementary school in the state of California to earn the ASCA Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) recognition, but it is also the first school in the state to be named a RAMP “School of Distinction,” based on the high score given by reviewers. In fact, Avaxat Elementary is one of only three schools in the nation this year to be recognized as a RAMP School of Distinction. Avaxat Elementary will be honored at a recognition ceremony at the ASCA Annual Conference in Boston on July 1, 2019.

San Jacinto Wins Prestigious Golden Bell Award—The San Jacinto Unified School District worked with Hatching Results to redesign their K-12 school counseling program. Through their dedication to improving practices to best support all students they have seen increases in:

  • AP class enrollment

  • Reclassification of English Language Learners

  • Graduation rates

  • Completion of A-G requirements (classes required for California college acceptance)

  • Applications to college

  • FAFSA completion

San Jacinto High School aligned their program to the ASCA National Model, facilitating over 1,300 classroom lessons and workshops in the last three years and intentionally intervening with students to decrease dropout rates. The district was recently honored as an AP honor roll recipient for increasing diversity in AP courses and was recognized by the California School Board Association with a Golden Bell Award for the difference they are making in improving student outcomes.


Murrieta Valley Earns 2017 H.B. McDaniel Foundation Group Award—Murrieta Valley Unified School District's Elementary School Counseling Program is dedicated to delivering comprehensive academic, career, and social-emotional programs to support the healthy development of all students. Through their hard work and dedication, supported by training and program evaluation through Hatching Results, the elementary school counselors have seen improvements in students’ attendance and behavior. The school counseling program was honored with the 2017 H.B. McDaniel Foundation Group Award for their leadership in school counseling program development, advocacy, and accountability. Presented at the annual conference at Stanford University, the award recognizes the school counselors’ leadership and dedication to students, schools, and the community.

Recognized Asca Model Program (RAMP) awards

The Recognized ASCA Model Program (RAMP) honors comprehensive school counseling throughout the nation. School counseling programs that receive RAMP recognition show how students are different based on the school counseling program and report improvements in overall student achievement, behavior, and attendance. Many of Hatching Results’ professional development specialists have successfully completed the RAMP process and were recognized by ASCA, and/or are ASCA RAMP Reviewers:

  • Danielle Duarte – RAMP Awardee

  • Julie Hartline – Two-time RAMP Awardee & Lead RAMP Reviewer

  • Nancy Jarman-Dunn – Four-time RAMP Awardee & Lead RAMP Reviewer

  • Whitney Triplett – RAMP Awardee & Lead RAMP Reviewer

Our specialists support schools and districts in RAMP application completion and submission to showcase results of comprehensive school counseling. See the RAMP submission video below from Danielle’s former school, Potter Junior High School. 

Training and Consultation to Support RAMP

Kershaw County, SC Has Its First RAMP School—Congratulations to Mt. Pisgah Elementary School (Derhonda Ross, School Counselor) for earning the first RAMP recognition in Kershaw County, where Hatching Results (mainly Julie Hartline) provided training and consultation for three years. Ms. Ross credits Julie with having “a heart of gold,” stating, “I never would have become a 2017 RAMP recipient without the training and assistance of Julie Hartline. . . After three years of intensive training, I learned how to develop a comprehensive, data-driven school counseling program linked to ASCA mindsets and behaviors and offering equitable access to all students.” Way to go Derhonda and Julie!

If you are ever so fortunate as to get the opportunity to work with Julie Hartline, please go for it!!! She’s witty, so knowledgeable, and completely dedicated to helping counselors help students. For three years she trained the counselors in our district—walking us through the ASCA National Model. Because of this training, our school decided to RAMP. She and I worked very closely together. I’d write and she’d critique. When Mt. Pisgah got the letter in January that we could resubmit, Julie was our cheerleader—again assisting me with the writing. Without her assistance, her heart for students, her patience, and her time (very valuable), we would never have received the RAMP award! Thanks, Julie, you’re the best!!!
— Derhonda Ross, School Counselor at Mt. Pisgah Elementary
Derhonda Ross and Julie Hartline at RAMP Awards Dinner, ASCA 2017 National Conference

Derhonda Ross and Julie Hartline at RAMP Awards Dinner, ASCA 2017 National Conference

...Under the Results section I see a list of RAMP Awardees and Reviewers that were trained by Dr. Hatch, and I also am one of them. I attended her RAMP training session, and was a RAMP awardee at Hughes Middle School in Long Beach in 2008, and then I was a RAMP reviewer. I went on to become an ASCA SCOY semi-finalist in 2008. I even was blessed with the opportunity to present at one of her RAMP conferences in Temecula in 2009. As of last year I switched from School Counseling to Assistant Professor at Azusa Pacific University. I couldn’t have done it without her, and I wanted her to know how grateful I am. Thanks again for all that you do.
— Bobbi Clarke-Alba, Assistant Professor at Azusa Pacific University

Grant Results

Hatching Results has trained and consulted with multiple school counseling programs funded through the Elementary and Secondary School Counseling Program Grant. With professional development and consultation, the districts developed, implemented, and sustained data-driven comprehensive school counseling programs, even after grant funding ceased.

School counselors in all districts provided core curriculum classroom lessons, intentional interventions to improve attendance and behavior, and connected families with resources as needed. Results hatched include:

  • Declines in absences and truancy

  • Improvement in school climate

  • Increases in citizenship marks on report cards

  • Decreases in behavior referrals

  • Increases on academic benchmark assessments


We appreciate the opportunity to work with our district partners and are so proud of their many accomplishments!


Training needs and costs vary depending on the type of training, the numbers of participants, number of trainers and the number of training dates selected. Contact us to discuss preliminary options.