A Framework for School Counseling Programs
by Trish Hatch, Judy Bowers

One of the highlights of my career was the honor of being asked to co-author the original ASCA National Model. Judy Bowers and I collaborated with national leaders to create 'One Vision, One Voice' for the profession. ASCA's National Model is now considered the seminal document for the profession of school counseling. It has since sold over 200,000 copies, has been referenced over 1,300 times and is in its third edition.

The ASCA National Model® reflects a comprehensive approach to school counseling program foundation, delivery, management and accountability. The ASCA National Model provides the mechanism with which teams will design, coordinate, implement, manage and evaluate their school counseling programs for students' success.

The publication provides a framework for the program components, the school counselor's role in implementation and the underlying philosophies of leadership, advocacy and systemic change. 

I am so excited by the ASCA National Model framework for school counselors. This is exactly what the school counseling profession has needed in effort to count in school reform and continue to be a viable piece in student achievement. An easy to read step-by-step prescription for building a comprehensive data driven school counselor program that services every student. My school district has won 14 National Awards as a result of implementing the ASCA National Model. Thank you ASCA for creating such a document that allows school counselors everywhere to have ‘one vision, one voice.’ EXCEPTIONAL!!!!!!
— Lindy Williamson, Chicago Public Schools

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