P3H: Pilots, Passengers, Prisoners & Hijackers

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P3H: Pilots, Passengers, Prisoners & Hijackers


Pilots, Passengers, Prisoners & Hijackers: An Educator’s Guide to Handling Difficult People While Moving Forward

by Trish Hatch, PhD

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After nearly two decades on the keynote and training circuit, Trish Hatch’s original concept, “Pilots, Passengers, Prisoners and Hijackers” (also known as simply “P3H”), has finally gone to press in book form!

As founder and CEO of Hatching Results, LLC, Dr. Hatch has been sharing these now-familiar archetypes by using airplane metaphors with colleagues, school administrators and school counselors since the late 1990s and now you can have them bound together in your own library.

The book is described by Dr. Hatch as a “guide to help educators and other leaders to support all staff members in dealing with change in schools and organizations,” specifically when resistance to that change — or saboteurs — exist.

“Through learning more about the motivations that guide the behaviors of staff within the educational system, leaders can access their ability to safely fly their plane in the direction of successful and equitable change,” Hatch states in the manuscript’s introduction.

Accentuated with dozens of colorful graphics throughout its pages, the book brings the concepts, metaphors, and archetypes to life in a very visual manner.

Also included is a P3H quiz, various post-read activities, and real-life scenarios that Dr. Hatch has received over the years from other educators, administrators and school counselors, which further explain relevant models for each of the categories discussed.

The book will help readers recognize each of the archetypes within their own environments and teach them how to work with and manage those individuals on a daily basis to achieve equity and change in the educational workplace.