by Trish Hatch, Danielle Duarte, & Lisa De Gregorio
Foreword by Erin Mason

As an elementary school counselor, how can you support the developmental needs of all students schoolwide? This hands-on guide provides specific information and examples for creating and implementing high-quality tier one school counseling systems of support at the elementary level. You will find:

  • Schoolwide activities and core curriculum lessons

  • Ways to support students in academic development, social-emotional learning, and college and career readiness

  • Strategies aligned to the ASCA National Model and multi-tiered systems of support.

click to download a printable flyer

click to download a printable flyer

Key features:

  • Includes specific information and examples to directly support elementary school counselors as they implement preventative tier one activities.

  • Utilizes vignettes from elementary counselors across the country with self-reflection activities and processing questions.

  • Designed as a practical text that counselors can use in their day-to-day practice, with numerous charts, graphs, and images to demonstrate the content.

  • Provides a corresponding Online Appendix of additional resources and downloadable reproducible templates that can be easily modified.

Topics covered:

  • Alignment of the ASCA National Model with a multi-tiered, multi-domain system of supports and the elementary school counselor's role.

  • Student engagement strategies

  • Selection and development of schoolwide programs and school counseling core curriculum lessons

  • Ways to support students in academic development, social-emotional learning, and college and career readiness

  • Family and community engagement activities

  • Assessment and sharing of school counseling program results

  • School counseling program management and tools

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This is the book all elementary school counselors have been waiting for! It provides easy to follow step-by-step methods and reproducible templates to develop and manage the delivery of effective core curriculum and school-wide activities. Not only can this book be used a guide to deepen our skills as educators and collaborators, but it also provides a sounding board for effective school counseling practices that are standards-based, measurable, and focused on closing the achievement gap. This is a must read for school counselors seeking to develop or improve their tier one programs or simply seeking to spend more time delivering direct services to students!
— Kirsten Perry, Elementary School Counselor
2017 Illinois School Counselor of the Year
Lawndale Community Academy, Chicago, IL
Dr. Trish Hatch’s experience, leadership and strategic approach to school counseling has transformed the way we support students in San Jacinto Unified. We now have counselors in every school who are working effectively and efficiently to address barriers to learning and support the academic, social, and emotional development of each student, and as a result, SJUSD has been recognized both county and statewide for our outstanding school counseling program. Hatching Results for Elementary School Counseling is a must-read for district and site leaders who want to provide equity for each and every student and ensure that elementary lays the foundation for college and career readiness.
— Diane Perez, Superintendent
San Jacinto Unified School District
This book accomplishes what so many school counseling graduates are often left to learn ‘on the job:’ translation of theory and ideas into meaningful, evidence-based practice within a multi-tiered system of supports, and especially at the elementary level. It’s a must read for every school counselor educator and 21st century school counselor.
— Paul C. Harris, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Counselor Education
University of Virginia
The suggestions in this book on how to increase student engagement align very well with the AVID methods of engagement we support through our counselor and elementary school professional learning, and as such provide great guidance to the reader.
— Dr. Sandy Husk, CEO
AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)
The strengths of this book include the ability of the authors to show, instead of just tell, the reader important concepts and activities. Readers are provided with practical steps to creating foundational core curriculum to remove barriers to success for all students. Practicing school counselors and school counselors in-training will benefit from the step-by-step guide to building lesson plans, the multiple strategies to increase student engagement, and the clear blueprint for effective classroom management. The informal and easy-to-read writing style makes this an accessible text for students at the graduate level as well as existing school counselors. Finally, school counseling, as a profession, can improve in our ability to evaluate the impact of our work and share-out results of our interventions. Hatching Results for Elementary School Counseling provides users with a system for sharing out important results related to student growth and development.
— Brett Zyromski, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Counselor Education
The Ohio State University
Elementary school counselors can feel isolated and alone without a team. We are often pulled in multiple directions while trying to make an impact on our students and our school communities. Trish, Danielle and Lisa have provided us with that team by sharing their stories, expertise, and practical suggestions in this book. Never feel alone again with this resource on your shelf! It is great for veteran AND rookie school counselors.
— Mindy Willard, 2013 American School Counselor of the Year
former President of Arizona School Counselor Association
School Counseling and Transitions Coordinator, Madison Metropolitan School District, WI

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