Established in 2003 by CEO & President Dr. Trish Hatch, co-author of the ASCA National Model, Hatching Results® LLC teaches and empowers educators to use data to improve efficiency and effectiveness, leading to improved outcomes for students. Hatching Results® provides training, consultation, grant writing and program evaluation to support school counselors, administrators and school districts in designing, implementing, and evaluating school counseling programs. 

As the co-author of the original ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs, Dr. Hatch has trained thousands of school counselors in almost every state in data-driven practices.

Hatching Results® has provided training, grant writing, evaluation and consultation for school counselors, administrators and school districts for over 15 years.

Expert Training in School Counseling Programs

Hatching Results® now offers a variety of educational services delivered by expert consultants, grant writers, evaluators, and professional development specialists. Our goal is to help school counselors, site administrators and central office leaders answer the following questions about their school counseling programs:

  • What is the purpose of my program?

  • What are my goals and objectives?

  • How will I collect and use data?

  • Which school counseling data matters most?

  • How do I assess the impact of my activities?

  • How do I evaluate the results of the school counseling program?

  • Is the program making a difference?

  • How do we revise or improve our program?

  • How do I help school counselors become more efficient and effective?

  • How do we add collecting and evaluating data to the school counselor's full plate?

As an integral part of the total educational program for student success, school counselors are increasingly called on to demonstrate how their program connects to common core standards and uses data to:

  • Identify targeted areas of need

  • Implement intentional guidance (or closing the gap) activities to address areas of need

  • Measure the results of their programs

  • Provide equity and access to a rigorous education for every student

  • Share their successes

  • Improve their programs and services for students

Ready For Training?

If you are looking to train, fund, improve or evaluate your school counseling program you have come to the right place. Take a moment to review our website offerings, training modules, resources and testimonials. Learn how our Hatching Results® team can help you and your district use data to improve your school counseling program.

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