EPISODE #10: Creating a Position Statement for Students Experiencing Issues Surrounding Undocumented Status

In this episode Trish Hatch tells of turning advocacy into action through interviews with three passionate professionals supporting students impacted by issues surrounding undocumented status. Trish and Diana Camillo, Co-Director of the SDSU School Counseling Graduate Program, share their story of the impact of the CESCaL Conference; Mark Boggie, Co-Chair of the ASCA Position Statements Committee, and Eric Blanco, Past-President of the California Association of School Counselors, discuss their collaboration with CESCaL and ASCA to support the new position statement.

Resources referenced during this episode:

Episode #5: Multi-Tiered Multi-Domained System of Supports (MTMDSS)

In this episode, Trish Hatch discusses a new concept for school counselors working within a multi-tiered framework to further support a comprehensive model for school counseling. Felipe Zanartu & Danielle Duarte also share school counseling news and updates.

Episode #4: Advocating for School Counseling, Michelle Obama, and National School Counseling Week

In this episode, Danielle Duarte shares her advocacy which led to school counseling featured as a Big Idea in the San Diego Magazine. Trish Hatch discusses the White House School Counselor of the Year Event with Michelle Obama and ideas for promoting our profession during National School Counseling Week.

Episode #3 Case Management and Advocacy in Chicago Public Schools

In this episode, focusing on the school counselors' role in case management, four special guests Whitney Triplett, Lisa De Gregorio, Erin Mason and Barbara Karpouzian share the history, challenges and opportunities in Chicago Public Schools.

Episode #2 Impact of DeVos, School Choice and Local Control

In this episode, Paul Meyers, a former state department of education consultant, former president of the California Association of School Counselors and current school superintendent, offers his thoughts on the nomination of Betsy Devos to the U.S. Department of Education and its potential impact for school counselors.