EPISODE #16: Systemic County Leadership: Reach Higher Shasta!

In this episode Trish Hatch interviews Judy Flores, County Superintendent of Schools for Shasta County (California) and County Coordinator of School Counselors Becky Love. They share their county’s story, which has transformed five district school counseling programs, building on key themes of equity, access, and college & career readiness!

EPISODE #14: Advocating For School Counselor Training Standards

In this episode, Trish interviews two of the several school counseling leaders who had the opportunity to influence, direct and update the school counselor training standards in California. Dr. Loretta Whitson Ed.D., Executive Director of the California Association of School Counselors (CASC) and Danielle Duarte, former CASC President and current student in the Harvard Doctoral program for educational leadership share their experience sitting on the panel and give insight on changes coming to school counseling credentialing in CA.

EPISODE #11: Time to Advocate and Celebrate for National School Counseling Week!

This episode is a “smack down” of interviews featuring eight counselors from all three education levels. School counselors share their plans and events for National School Counseling Week 2018, February 5th-9th.

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EPISODE #10: Creating a Position Statement for Students Experiencing Issues Surrounding Undocumented Status

In this episode Trish Hatch tells of turning advocacy into action through interviews with three passionate professionals supporting students impacted by issues surrounding undocumented status. Trish and Diana Camillo, Co-Director of the SDSU School Counseling Graduate Program, share their story of the impact of the CESCaL Conference; Mark Boggie, Co-Chair of the ASCA Position Statements Committee, and Eric Blanco, Past-President of the California Association of School Counselors, discuss their collaboration with CESCaL and ASCA to support the new position statement.

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EPISODE #8: The Counselor Administrator Relationship & “Why”

In this episode, Tawnya Pringle, a high school counselor and 2014-15 Top 5 ASCA School Counselor of the Year, and two elementary school counselors share their “why” stories and discuss their administrator relationships. Also includes ideas for collaborating with administrators and recommendations for successfully managing school counselor or leadership transitions.

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EPISODE #7: A Data Day is Like a Mental Health Day

In this episode Trish Hatch interviews Jeannie Maddox about her work with school counselors in Florida to create a counselor-centered professional development day focused on looking deeply at their data, and using the findings to plan and implement a comprehensive school counseling program.

Visit Jeannie Maddox's blog, Exploring School Counseling, for more information and resources.

Episode #5: Multi-Tiered Multi-Domained System of Supports (MTMDSS)

In this episode, Trish Hatch discusses a new concept for school counselors working within a multi-tiered framework to further support a comprehensive model for school counseling. Felipe Zanartu & Danielle Duarte also share school counseling news and updates.