Hatching Results® professional development specialists bring decades of experience in a variety of school counseling and leadership related areas. Our expert team can offer your district anything from a one-day PD event in a specific topic area to a comprehensive multi-year customized package that includes a complete program evaluation and recommendations for professional development aligned with the needs of your school counselors and administrators. Below is a sample of trainings we provide. Let us know how we can assist your district to improve school counseling programs for students.

School-wide & District-wide School Counseling Program Analysis

Our expert team has years of experience leading and managing district and site school counseling programs. Our site visit will include a complete and candid external evaluation and analysis of your site or district school counseling program with recommendations improving efficiency and effectiveness.

The ASCA National Model

Our professional development specialists have years of experience training school districts in implementing the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) National Model. Whether your district is looking for comprehensive systemic change or a booster in one or more areas, our specialists can help you move your program forward!

Data, Data, Data

Take the “4 letter word” out of data. This customized training provides everything you want to know about the different types of data, creating and implementing Data-Based-Decision-Making (DBDM) teams, utilizing data to design interventions, and create systemic change. Can also be taught to advanced groups for those who want to create custom data tools for evaluating school counseling programs.


Applying for RAMP (Recognized ASCA Model Program)? Our specialists have won RAMP Awards, scored RAMP applications, mentored winning districts and participate in improving the RAMP process.

Solution Focused School Counseling

This training teaches solution focused counseling techniques. Designed for use by school counselors and administrators, this training will help school counselors save time and improve outcomes for students.

Technology/Time Trackers

Our expert technology specialists will introduce technology in small steps or take your tech team to the next level. Whether it’s a website, Google Docs, Excel, time trackers, etc., our school counselor technology experts work with you to create a training to meet your needs.

K-8 School Counseling

Elementary and middle schools require training that focuses on the developmental needs of younger students. School counselors learn how to use data to design school-wide activities and interventions focuses on using data to create safe learning environments, improve student engagement, connectivity and successful student behaviors. Our training supports school counselors implementing Response to Intervention (RtI), Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS), conflict resolution programs, and parents education programs.

High School (Secondary School) Counseling

Whatever your high school counselor program needs, we have a professional development specialist ready to assist. Our specialists have experience leading Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completion improvement projects, student focused master schedule building activities, school counselors and the accreditation process, drop out prevention and alternative education, college/career readiness programs, 9th grade transition programs and summer camps, designing classroom curriculum, coordinating advisory programs, managing college access partners, parent education and more.

College/Career Readiness

How do school counselors ensure comprehensive delivery of college and career readiness into their K-12 programs? This training includes dispelling the myth of students of color, students or poverty and first generation youth. How do school counselor’s design and implement an equitable program that promotes access and equity for all students? This training provides a comprehensive approach through use of data, research and technology.

Action Plans/Pre-Post/Results

How do I write an action plan? Design lesson plans? Create pre-posts? Report results? Flashlights? This hands-on training work session presumes school counselors and administrators are already ‘on board’ with implementing evidence based school counseling programs, and seek targeted assistance in completing documentation.

Grant Writing/Evaluation

This training focuses on teaching the ins-and outs of writing federal school counseling grants. Taught be experienced grant writers who will share all their material, this training seeks to support districts and grant writers in successful writing and evaluating of grants.

Grant Implementation

Did you receive a grant to fund training for your school counseling program (such as the Comprehensive Counseling Initiative for Indiana K-12 Students or the Elementary or Secondary School Counseling grant)? Need training to implement it? Our professional development specialists are experienced school counselors who have worked on grants that led to sustainability of funding for school counseling programs.

Human Resources

Hatching Results® professional development specialists have administrative experience at site and central offices. We provide training and/or consultation to support re-designing job descriptions, creating evaluation tools, recruiting and hiring school counselors, creating interview questions and look-for’s to ensure you hire the best of today's school counselors.

It’s All About Time

Managing times and talents can be a challenge for school counselors. This training helps school counselors become more efficient and effective by learning ways to utilize tools to manage time. May include discussions of redesigning programs and descriptions, evaluation tools, and recruit and support efforts to hire and train cutting edge school counselors you are looking for.

Leadership, Advocacy, Systemic Change

What is the school counselor’s role in dispelling the myth of low expectations? What does it really mean to be a student advocate promoting equity, access and opportunity for all? How do school counselors become the “leaders we are waiting for?”

Pilots, Passengers, Prisoners, and Hijackers

Managing difficult people in an era of reform requires understanding our own and our colleagues’ motives, developing the skills to avoid being taken down by a hijacker. This training is designed to teach skills for recognizing others and ourselves as the difficulty people we all are at times and provides suggestions for improving relationships while moving forward!

Legal and Ethics

This training focuses on implementing the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) ethical guidelines for school counselors and provides scenarios for discussion of legal and ethical dilemmas on sensitive students and school counselor issues.

Student Assistance Programs

This training focuses on creating and implementing a comprehensive Student Assistance Programs (SAP). This includes understanding of roles and responsibilities for all parties, coordination of activities, use of data, CORE team meetings, and evaluating impact for students.


Training needs and costs vary depending on the type of training, the numbers of participants, number of trainers and the number of training dates selected. Contact us to discuss preliminary options.