"Dr. Hatch’s proposal is unique in that she uses everyday English and practical applications and examples to show how data is used. For the practicing school counselor, it was very readable and often humorous in its approach. While many of the publications out there on accountability and data collection take on a much drier and scholastic approach, this proposal breaks each of the steps down and really gives school counselors a good look at what it truly is – not just what a researcher would propose or gather. Which, in turn, makes it look very “doable” for a busy school counselor! The only book that I can think of that might be seen as competition for this proposal is one written by Dr. Hatch in 2007 titled, Evidence-Based School Counseling: Making a Difference With Data-Driven Practices. Several of the examples are referred to in this previous publication, however Dr. Hatch continues to provide very practical application of a somewhat difficult concept for many practicing school counselors to grasp."
School Counselor, Lake Havasu High School, Lake Havasu City, AZ