"We’re in the process of setting SMARTR goals for evaluation and some people are all freaked out about it. How awesome is it to have the “Hatching Results for Students” book on hand and being able to go straight to the chapter on setting goals and how to measure them! Seriously, love the Fellows program! You all prepared us SO much!"
Richelle Henry, M.S Lee High School

"Dr. Hatch’s proposal is unique in that she uses everyday English and practical applications and examples to show how data is used. For the practicing school counselor, it was very readable and often humorous in its approach. While many of the publications out there on accountability and data collection take on a much drier and scholastic approach, this proposal breaks each of the steps down and really gives school counselors a good look at what it truly is – not just what a researcher would propose or gather. Which, in turn, makes it look very “doable” for a busy school counselor! The only book that I can think of that might be seen as competition for this proposal is one written by Dr. Hatch in 2007 titled, Evidence-Based School Counseling: Making a Difference With Data-Driven Practices. Several of the examples are referred to in this previous publication, however Dr. Hatch continues to provide very practical application of a somewhat difficult concept for many practicing school counselors to grasp."
School Counselor, Lake Havasu High School, Lake Havasu City, AZ

“I’ve seen other books on this topic, but to be honest, they weren’t as reader-friendly. Very dry, heavy with jargon and research, not really applicable to the day to day job of a counselor. This seems like it was written by someone who actually has a familiarity with the job of a school counselor in the real world, rather than in a “perfect” world.”
School Counselor, Upper Moreland Middle School, Willow Grove, PA

“This is one of the most useful school counseling books I have seen recently. I believe that school counselors need to utilize data more than what they are doing now when evaluating or devising programming, including myself! I have not heard the term “Intentional Guidance,” but I definitely liked it. It makes sense and I believe that a lot of counselors, including myself, need to follow this model. The counseling program in my district would greatly benefit from implementing ideas and methods in this book.”
4-5 Grade School Counselor, Markesan School District, WI

“This text more than meets its goal of helping the reader understand how to use data to affect change for students, programs, and the profession. This book will become a bible for professional school counselors who are striving to be distinguished. As practitioners, rarely do we find a resource that tells us what to do, why we should do it, how to do it, and gives us the tools to be successful. This makes The Use of Data in School Counseling priceless!”
Franciene Sabens, School Counselor Chester High School, IL

“Every person who works at a school is an educator. Teachers educate about subject material. Administrators educate about a vision and a mission. A campus supervisor educates about school safety. Counselors educate about access and equity. I believe counselors play a vibrant role in the overall health of a school. Dr. Trish Hatch has organized a tremendous resource in The Use of Data in School Counseling. With years of experience in counseling leadership, Dr. Hatch offers a sound and practical approach to transforming a school counseling program from a static, interactive support system to a dynamic, pro-active, data-driven student support team. All schools can benefit when counselors take an instructional leadership approach to help students realize their potential and use intentional guidance to promote student resiliency. Whether you are new to counseling, work with counseling or are an administrator, this book will give you a unique perspective on the role of counseling and how it can support not only students, but the whole school community.”
Ricardo Cooke, Assistant Principal Steele Canyon High School, CA

“Dr. Hatch uses her wealth of experience training school districts in the ASCA National Model (3rd ed.) to provide practitioners and educators with a practical, thorough, review of how to organize, implement, and evaluate comprehensive school counseling programs. Readers will appreciate the step-by-step instructions, forms, and other resources with which to evolve their services and advocate for their program. A valuable addition to the professional school counseling literature.”
Brett Zyromski, Assistant Professor Northern Kentucky University, KY

“The Use of Data in School Counseling is an excellent and accessible book focused on best practices in school counselor use of data. Trish Hatch provides extensive examples of how school counselors can enhance student achievement and well being through the use of data. Not only does she provide useful examples and a framework from which counselors can explore data, she helps counselors understand some of the very common barriers to change within school systems. Further, she emphasizes the school counselor’s role in using data to create social and systemic change through intentional counseling activities.”
Jennifer Betters-Bubon, Assistant Professor UW Whitewater, WI