by Trish Hatch, Whitney Triplett, Danielle Duarte, & Vanessa Gomez
Foreword by Carl A. Cohn

As a secondary school counselor, you’re charged with implementing a comprehensive program to promote the academic, college/career, and social/emotional development for all students. At tier 1, this includes:

  • Developing school counseling core curriculum classroom lessons

  • Delivering engaging content to students and families

  • Managing classroom behavior in a way that is ethical for school counselors

  • Providing and analyzing assessments to measure what students learned from your lessons

  • Sharing the results with stakeholders

click to download a printable flyer

click to download a printable flyer

The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone! In this guide, four experienced school counselors, national leaders and expert trainers take you step-by-step through the creation, implementation, and evaluation of a high-quality Tier 1 school counseling system of supports. With a focus on proactive and prevention education through core curriculum classroom lessons, individual student planning, and schoolwide programs and activities, this practical text includes:

  • The school counselor’s role in a Multi-Tiered System of Supports

  • Examples to help with design, implementation, and evaluation of Tier 1 school counseling activities

  • Instruction around selecting curriculum and developing lesson plans and action plans

  • Strategies for managing student behaviors in the classroom, aligned to the school counselor’s appropriate role

  • Alignment with the ASCA National Model

  • Vignettes from practicing secondary school counselors

  • Recommendations for including families in prevention activities

  • Management tools, reproducible templates, and reflective activities and process questions

You teach the academic, college/career, and social/emotional competencies students need to be successful learners. With this book’s expert assistance, you’ll be prepared to not only help them succeed, but also demonstrate to others the impact of the school counseling program on student achievement!

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Whether you are a new or experienced school counselor, Dr. Trish Hatch and her team will provide you with essential and practical strategies that can instantly be implemented into your counseling program so you can better serve your students. Hatching Results for Secondary School Counseling is a MUST read for any school counselor who is ready to start developing a solid foundation of a comprehensive counseling program that ensures the needs of ALL students are being met.
— Terri Tchorzynski, 2017 National School Counselor of the Year
Calhoun Area Career Center, MI
The authors have created a ‘go-to’ MTSS guide for pre-service and practicing secondary school counselors. Their evidence-based, hands-on approach makes this book both practical and relevant for school counselors facing multiple demands and ever-changing student populations. In my opinion, this text should be on the desk of every school counselor who is serious about maximizing his or her time, implementing schoolwide culturally responsive interventions, and helping ALL students reach their fullest potential.
— Melissa S. Ockerman, Associate Professor in the College of Education
DePaul University
The ideas, tools, and techniques shared in this book are highly needed in the world of secondary school counseling. Changing the school counselor’s role from that of emergency triage to general practitioner and focusing the majority of our time on helping keep students ‘well’ through a preventative approach is so crucial. Having this comprehensive walk-through guide to help the increasing instances of school counselors entering the field without formal teaching experience is a godsend. Many of us are nervous about getting into the classroom regularly, and this will make that privilege easier and more effective. This book will be well-used and referenced and will share a coveted place on my desk next to The Use of Data in School Counseling as my go-to guide for our day-to-day work.
— Jeff Ream, School Counselor and The Counseling Geek
North Tahoe High School, Tahoe City, CA
From start to finish, Hatching Results in Secondary School Counseling is a school counselor’s survival guide. Written in a pragmatic way and with a ‘no excuses’ approach to serving ALL students, it is filled with helpful and practical tips, suggestions, stories, and tools throughout. This book is what all school counselors, both new and veteran, and school counseling students have been waiting for!
— Allison Krikorian, College and Career Guidance Specialist
Costa Mesa High School, CA

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