Short Video Demonstrating Multi-Tiered, Multi-Domain System of Supports

The silent video below is an example how the Multi-Tiered, Multi-Domain System of Supports (MTMDSS) works within the school setting, and the description below can be used to talk through the MTMDSS framework within a comprehensive school counseling program.

The students are getting off the school bus and coming to school, and they all receive Tier 1 instruction from the school counselor in the three ASCA domains of academic, college and career, and social-emotional. The video shows the students in green, just as in the Tier 1 MTMDSS pyramid, as they all receive school counseling core curriculum classroom lessons, schoolwide activities, and individual student planning for students in grades 6-12. However, some students need more, and this where students go through the "door" of Tier 2 intentional interventions for data-driven elements such as negative citizenship marks on report cards, low grades, discipline referrals, attendance, and credit deficiency. As you notice in the video, students do not stay in Tier 2, but instead move down to Tier 1 when they improve, or up to Tier 3 if they need additional support. Situations that may indicate a student needs Tier 3 services include suspension, a crisis situation, a high number of absences, or large number of failing grades. School counselors continue to monitor student improvement and data throughout the process of implementing prevention and intervention activities through MTMDSS, to best meet the varying needs of all students.


Video by Brian Kidd (